Commercial / Goverment

For AMS-SM to be international is to actually develop business process in countries across LATIN AMERICA, respecting the diversity of cultures and understanding the local regulations.  With a team that have successfully developed projects in others countries, and network of agents, partners and clients  spread in South/Central America and Spain, AMS-SM close the international market gap providing a profitable business centered positioning, translating to a common language a diverse set of international rules, using the most fit business solution for each project

AMS-SM  can provide sales and marketing assistance, product training, and direct sales support with specialized cultural knowledge and expertise. With the AMS-SM  you can expect:

- Global sales coverage with a regional, multi-lingual focus; great products and great support

- Marketing support at key international trade shows and conferences

- Logistical support to include order processing and freight consolidation to save money

- Southamerican warehousing, distribution and service capabilities

- A commitment to providing the best possible products at the lowest possible pricing